The UMP is a sub machine gun in the game. It's unlocked at level 4.

While it is a sub machine gun, its fire rate is not as fast as other sub machine guns like the MP5. However, it does use the .45 ACP round which is more powerful than the 9x19mm Parabellum. Its slower fire rate allows for powerful, sustained fire. The magazine accommodates 25 rounds, with a 15 round option available. While it has firepower similar to an Assault Rifle, it is a lot more mobile than one. There are three default builds for the UMP.

  • UMP45
  • USC45
  • UMP45 RAS


The UMP45 is the first build for the UMP. It has more damage than most sub machine guns due to its caliber. It is characterized by its distinct appearance and great mobility.


The USC45 is the second build for the UMP. This build is somewhat different compared to the above and below builds. The USC45 uses a unique stock that combines the pistol grip with the stock. It also has a longer barrel, which increases range and accuracy.


The UMP45 RAS is the second build for the UMP. It is equipped with a telescopic sight, foregrip, and uses a different stock. The stock reduces accuracy, but increases control along with the foregrip. The firearm is also painted in a limestone like appearance.


  • The Heckler and Koch UMP is intended to be the successor to the MP5, although both remain in production today.
  • The term "UMP" is an acronym for Universale Maschinenpistole. This may be translated as "Universal Machine Pistol" or "Universal Submachine" Gun. The UMP is both a machine pistol and a sub machine gun.
  • The USC45 was the civilian model of the UMP45. USC is an acronym for Universal Self-Loading Carbine. Compared to the original UMP45, the barrel was made longer with no flash suppressor, the stock was changed to a thumbhole-style stock(although ones whole hand would fit in), and the firearm only fired in a semi-automatic mode. The USC45 was discontinued in 2013.