The MP5 is the first purchasable sub machine gun in the game, having an unlock level of one. This gun has a very high rate of fire with rather easily controlled recoil, making it a good starter weapon for close quarters battle. The MP5 comes in three basic forms:

  • MP5A4
  • MP5K-PDWe
  • MP5 RAS

MP5A4 Edit

The MP5A4 is the first MP5 build. It uses a fixed stock, which gives it good accuracy and moderately good control.


The MP5K-PDWe uses a folding stock and foregrip. The folding stock reduces accuracy compared to the fixed stock. However, the folding stock and foregrip increase the already great control to a high amount.


The MP5 RAS is the more premium model in the MP5 series. The MP5 RAS comes with a telescopic stock, and reflex sight. The grip from the MP5K-PDWe is also included. The firearm is painted in a rust finish.

Trivia Edit

  • The MP5K-PDWe appears to have a lengthened barrel, which in turn would lengthen the barrel shroud above the foregrip. A real MP5K-PDW would have a lot shorter barrel shroud and barrel.
  • When a reflex sight is put on the MP5, it is wider than the gun itself, giving a boxy appearance.