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The AK-74

The AK-74 is an Assault Rifle unlocked at level 4.

The AK-74 is a very proficient rifle. The 5.45x39mm round is slightly more powerful than the 5.56x45mm featured in other Assault Rifles. The AK-74 has a slower fire rate than the more popular CAR series, which may limit the performance at close range. However, when changing from a faster rifle like the CAR, the AK-74 is excellent for sustained automatic fire at low to high ranges. When automatic fire seems to not work, the semi-auto fire mode can be used to kill from high distances. The firing animation and firing sound may satisfy players a lot more than the CAR would.

AK-74 Edit

The default AK-74 is the most signature look of the AK-74 rifles. The rifle has a stainless steel finish on the receiver, barrel and magazine, while the shroud and the stock are in a wood finish. The default AK-74 has good accuracy, mobility, and range. The reload speed is adequate. The control stat would appear that the gun should not be used for sustained fire, but the fire rate counteracts the control.
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AK-74's iron sights

AK-74M Edit

The AK-74M is the modernized version of the AK-74. This model performs just the same as the default AK-74, but the finish is black all around. The magazine appears to have a different design the one featured on the original AK-74. It appears to be made of a polymer material than the original stamped magazine.

AK-74M RAS Edit

The AK-74M RAS is based off the previous AK-74M, but with new parts. It's equipped with a reflex sight, Romanian stock, and GP-34 Grenade Launcher.

AKS-74 Edit

The AKS-74 is like the AK-74. The stock has been replaced with a folding stock. The mobility has increased, with the accuracy decreasing slightly.

AKS-74M Edit

The AKS-74M is the modernized version of the AKS-74. It retains the all-black finish of the AK-74M, but with the AKS-74 folding stock.

AKS-74U Edit

The AKS-74U is the shortened edition of the AK-74. It has the folding stock of the AKS-74U, but with a smaller barrel and shroud. It has great mobility.

Trivia Edit

  • The Avtomat Kalashnikova Obraztsea 1974 Geoda(AK-74) was introduced as the successor to the AK-47 and AKM rifles. The AK-74 enjoys longer effective range, higher accuracy, and an optimized round. The Russian Army uses the AK-74M as their standard rifle.
  • The AKS-74U was developed as a carbine of the AK-74. The operating mechanism was made shorter, and fire rate increased. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen in Operation7. It is effective in tight quarters. Its design and history makes it popular in the United States, where civilian models are sold.